First I’d like to thank everyone who ever participated in or attended a Safety in Larp panel at Knutepunkt: you pretty much built the foundation for all of this stuff. Second, if I hadn’t been allowed to teach this stuff at the Larpwriter Summer School, and talk about it at Knutepunkt and Prolog and Living Games, I would never have been forced to be structured about it. Third, I have the privilege of belonging to an international community of designers who are ceaseless in their commitment to learning, thinking and developing. The games they make are beautiful, and playing them and writing about them has given me more than I can ever express.

An especial shout out goes to everyone who is supporting me on Patreon. You guys rule!!! A few of those who rule extra much are the fabulous John Stavropoulos, Jon Cole, Claus Raasted, Martin Nielsen, Vincent Baker, Eleanor Saitta, Karete J Meland, Jamey Patten, Charles Bo Nielsen, and Laura!

Thank you.