Picture from End of the Line (c) Participation Design Agency AB and White Wolf. Photo by Bjarke Pedersen

Toolkit: The Tap-Out

This is the second in a series of posts about the safety and calibration systems used in the New Orleans run of the larp End of the Line. Today’s mechanic is so obvious that I would assume it’s been “invented” independently in a bunch of larp communities, although I’m relatively certain I hadn’t come across it before I introduced it in my calibration¬†design for Inside … Continue reading Toolkit: The Tap-Out

Picture from End of the Line New Orleans. (c) White Wolf and Participation Design Agency AB. Photo by Bjarke Pedersen

Toolkit: The OK Check-In

This post is really about the OK check-in safety mechanic. But I like to talk, so there’s three paragraphs of preamble before I even get there. Two or three of the currently most influential techniques or concepts in player safety and playstyle calibration in our play communities were invented or significantly¬†iterated in literally the last half year. I love this because¬†even after decades it still … Continue reading Toolkit: The OK Check-In